A Love Like This: Beyonce and Jay Z edition

With the recent announcement of a bun in the oven I felt the need to say this with the best intentions. Although, I don’t truly know the ends and outs of Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship, from the perception they put out, I want what they have.

The genuineness that I perceive when I see them, plus the ability to have privacy in their relationship (because they are clearly the best at keeping secrets in Hollywood), who wouldn’t want that? They seem to be truly in love and have a very good understanding with each other and their relationship.

Not to mention the way Beyonce sings about the love she experiences with Jay Z in her songs on the latest album ‘4’ I can’t help but believe its true, honest, and pure. The lyrical content definitely takes me to a feeling I’ve never truly experienced before when it comes to love, but because of the way she belts out each song so passionately I imagine in my head what it can truly feel like.

‘4’ definitely takes me back to ‘Dangerously In Love,’ her first solo album that taps into the beginning of their relationship. This album too felt very sincere everytime I listened to it with songs like “Rather Be With You” and “Speechless.” That album is still a classic and Yonce’s newest effort is proving to be also with songs like ‘1+1’ and ‘Rather Die Young.’

Now, with the new excitement of the baby on the way added to the new love songs- that I can’t help but sing every day- I would be lying to myself if I didn’t admit that I want what they have one day… sooner than later.

I try not to say things like this because I do understand that everything that glitters isn’t gold, but I have a feeling they are the exception to the rule the way Beyonce talks, sings, and even smiles at the thought of her man, Jay Z.

Beyonce is an inspiration to me because of her work ethic, talent, business savvy, gentleness, etc. Now, admittedly I am inspired by her relationship too.

Congratulations Beyonce and Jay Z and I hope your love inspires more black love in the world. They have become hip hop’s standard of true love. (I hope they don’t mind).


2 replies on “A Love Like This: Beyonce and Jay Z edition”

This Is Quality… So Proud of This Movement and The Class of The Announcement.. This is a Great Piece Kimberly and I am proud of this great relationship and people needing to come to the realization that she is singing about Jay-Z no matter what man she is paired with in a film or music video S. Carter is her husband and the “love of her life” now Beyonce’ once again simply puts everything together…

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