Happy 25th Birthday to ME!

Every year around this time I have this personal conversation with myself and journal about the upcoming year… this year is different. I woke up feeling at peace with it being just another day to strive for more.

My life is seriously kind of all over the place with uncertainty right now. I’ve finally finished undergrad and now I don’t have the everyday hustle of going to  class, internships, or any of that typical stuff to plan for. The world is mine and its scary and exciting at the same time. It all has had me on edge since the end of May.

This time in my life is unprecedented so I really have no idea what to expect. My security blanket of school and my mother’s money is no longer there. It’s time for me to be about action and less talking, unless I’m writing of course.

Not only that, but I just didn’t expect to be in this particular situation at this age. Nonetheless, coming into my womanhood and overall self is a wonderful journey worth taking.

Life at 25… I’m living to the rhythm within me.

Xoxo *smooches*

P.S. Thank you everyone for the birthday love yesterday.

2 replies on “Happy 25th Birthday to ME!”

Awe Happy Quarter of a Century again LOVE… You stepped in your womanhood at HU—we’ve come a long way and we aren’t done yet. You are destined to be heard, so keep journaling and sharing.

With LOVE,


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